Deacon Blue  - Raintown

...And I`ll sail her up the west coast
Through villages and towns
I`ll be on my holidays
They`ll be doing their rounds...

...And I`m thinking
How good it would be
To be here some day
On a ship called Dignity
A ship called Dignity
That ship

    1. Riches (Ricky Ross)
    2. Kings Of The Western World (Ricky Ross)
    3. Born In A Storm (Ricky Ross)
    4. Raintown (Ricky Ross)
    5. Ragman (Ricky Ross, James Prime, Graeme Kelling)
    6. He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now (Ricky Ross)
    7. Loaded (Ricky Ross)
    8. When Will You (Make My Telephone..) (Ricky Ross)
    9. Chocolate Girl (Ricky Ross)
    10. Dignity (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    11. Very Thing (Ricky Ross, James Prime)
    12. Love's Great Fears (Ricky Ross)
    13. Town To Be Blamed (Ricky Ross)


    Ricky Ross: Vocals
    Graeme Kelling: Guitar
    James Prime: Piano
    Lorraine McIntosh: Vocals
    Ewen Vernal: Bass
    Douglas Vipond: Drums
    Chris Rea: slide guitar
    Jimmy Belms: Backing vocals
    George Chandler: Backing vocals
    Jimmy Chambers: Backing vocals
    B.J. Cole: Pedal steel

    Production Credits:

    Jon Kelly: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words