Jim Dawson - Jim Dawson
    1. The Singer
    2. Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson)
    3. Oh No, Mercy Me
    4. Montego Bay (Love and Other Things)
    5. I First Came from the Mountains
    6. The  Light of Day
    7. Whatever Happened (To You and Me)...?
    8. Until I Find Someone
    9. Somewhere Down the Road
    10. The Woman with Beautiful Eyes
    11. Close Your Eyes


    Jim Dawson: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
    Eric Weissberg: Banjo, Guitar (Steel)
    Tommy West: Keyboards, Vocals (Back.)
    Charlie Brown: Guitar
    George Devens: Percussion
    Joe Macho: Bass
    George Marge: Flute, Oboe
    Rick Marotta: Percussion, Drums
    Hugh McCracken: Guitar
    Terence P. Minogue: Piano, Vocals (Back.)
    Paul Rolnick: Guitar, Vocals (Back.)
    David Spinozza: Guitar
    Rob Stevens: Piano
    Jon Stroll: Piano
    Marty Nelson: Vocals (Back.)
    Linda November: Vocals (Back.)

    Production Credits:

    Terry Cashman: Producer
    Tommy West: Producer
    Bruce Tergesen: Engineer
    Terence P.Minogue: Production Assistant
    Tom Brown: Assistant Engineer
    Randy Manson: Assistant Engineer
    Corky Stasiak: Assistant Engineer
    Maddy Miller: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words