David Crosby -  If I Could Only Remember My Name
    1. Music Is Love (Crosby/Nash/Young) - 3:16
    2. Cowboy Movie (Crosby) - 8:02
    3. Tamalpais High (At About 3) (Crosby) - 3:29
    4. Laughing (Crosby) - 5:20
    5. What Are Their Names (Crosby/Garcia/Lesh/Shrieve/Young) - 4:09
    6. Traction in the Rain (Crosby) - 3:40
    7. Song with No Words (Tree with No... (Crosby) - 5:53
    8. Orleans - 1:56
    9. I'd Swear There Was Somebody Here (Crosby) - 1:19


    Michael Shrieve
    Mickey Hart
    Jerry Garcia: Guitar
    Jorma Kaukonen: Guitar
    Joni Mitchell
    Graham Nash: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
    Grace Slick
    Neil Young: Vocals (bckgr)
    Paul Kantner
    Gregg Rolie
    Laurie Allen: Vocals
    Jack Casady
    David Crosby: Guitar, Songwriter, Arranger, Vocals
    Ethan Crosby
    David Freiberg
    David Geffen: Direction
    Bill Kreutzmann
    Phil Lesh: Guitar
    Elliot Roberts

    Production Credits:

    Stephen Barncard: Engineer
    Joel Bernstein: Photography
    Gary Burden: Art Direction, Design
    David Crosby: Producer
    Henry Diltz: Photography
    Robert Hammer: Photography
    Ronald Stone: Photography

    Marco Giunco
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