Cowboy Junkies - The Caution Horses
    1. Sun Comes up, It's Tuesday Morning (Michael Timmins) - 3:56
    2. 'Cause Cheap Is How I Feel (MichaelTimmins) - 4:13
    3. Thirty Summers (Michael Timmins) - 4:15
    4. Mariner's Song (Michael Timmins) - 6:20
    5. Powderfinger (Neil Young) - 5:46
    6. Where Are You Tonight? (Michael Timmins) - 5;07
    7. Witches (Margo Timmins, Michael Timmins) - 2:44
    8. Rock and Bird (Michael Timmins) - 3:30
    9. Escape Is So Simple (Michael Timmins) - 5:15
    10. You Will Be Loved Again (Mary Margaret O'Hara) - 3:26


    Alan Anton: Bass
    Jeff Bird: Fiddle, Harmonica, Mandolin
    Jaro Czerwinec: Accordion
    Kim Deschamps: Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
    Dave Houghton: Percussion
    Margo Timmins: Vocals
    Michael Timmins: Guitar
    Peter Timmins: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Cowboy Junkies: Artwork, Mixing
    Jeff Bird: Photography
    Graham Henderson: Photography
    Dave Houghton: Art Direction
    Peter Moore: Producer, Engineer, Digital Mastering, Mixing
    Margo Timmins: Photography
    Michael Timmins: Producer
    Martin Lee: Assistant Engineer
    Tom Henderson: Engineer
    Jeff Ham: Assistant Engineer
    Chris Buck: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words