Ben Atkins - Patchouli
    1. I Love This Song (Jimmy M. Johnson, Dan Penn, Leon Renfro) - 2:26
    2. Cross My Mind (Dennis Lambert, Brian Potter) - 4:35
    3. Shine On (Eric Mercury, Carson Whitsett) - 2:31
    4. Holding on to Friends (McRee, Thomas) - 3:19
    5. Smokestack Lightin'/Brighter Side of it All (C. Burnett, C.Feldman, T.Smith, S.Smith, J.Wiker) - 4:04
    6. Solid Ground (McRee, Thomas) - 2:52
    7. That Brings Me Down (Jerry Puckett) - 3:32
    8. Long Way to Go (Bettye Crutcher,  Bobby Manuel) - 4:06
    9. Would I Be Better Gone? (W.Brown, D. Carter, Bobby Manuel) - 3:07
    10. Good Times Are Coming (Bobby Manuel) - 3:15


    Barry Beckett: Keyboards
    Joe Correro: Drums
    Donald "Duck" Dunn: Guitar (Bass)
    John Gaston: Guitar (Bass)
    Larry Hamby: Engineer
    Roger Hawkins: Drums
    David Hood: Guitar (Bass)
    Alan Jackson: Guitar
    Jimmy Johnson: Guitar
    Bobby Manuel: Guitar, Producer
    Wayne Perkins: Guitar
    Marvell Thomas: Piano
    Bobby Manuel: Arranger
    Ben Atkins: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Bobby Manuel: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words