Cock Robin - Cock Robin
    1. Thought You Were on My Side
    2. When Your Heart Is Weak
    3. Just When You're Having Fun
    4. Promise You Made
    5. Because It Keeps on Working
    6. Born with Teeth
    7. Once We Might Have Known
    8. More Than Willing
    9. Little Innocence


    Steve Hillage: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
    Peter Kingsberry: Bass, Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
    Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion
    Paul Fox: Programming
    Anna LaCazio: Keyboards, Vocals
    Arno Lucas: Percussion
    Pat Mastelotto: Percussion
    Louis Molino III: Percussion, Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
    Clive Wright: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Keyboards

    Production Credits:

    Steve Hillage: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Jeff DeMorris: Assistant Engineer
    Chris Desmond: Assistant Engineer
    Val Garay: Mixing, Supervisor
    Miquette Giraudy: Production Assistant
    Anna LaCazio: Cover Coordinator
    Dan Marnien: Engineer, Assistant Engineer
    Doug Sax: Mastering
    Gabe Veltri: Engineer
    Paul Wertheimer: Assistant Engineer
    Richard Bosworth: Assistant
    Kelly Ray: Cover Coordinator
    Ron Lewter: Assistant
    John "Aruba" Arias: Mixing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words