Bruce Cockburn - San, Sun and Time

all the diamonds in this world
that mean anything to me
are conjured up by wind and sunlight
sparkling on the sea

    1. All the Diamonds in the World (Cockburn)
    2. Salt,Sun and Time (Cockburn)
    3. Don't Have to Tell You Why (Cockburn)
    4. Stained Glass (Cockburn)
    5. Rouler Sa Bosse (Cockburn)
    6. Never So Free (Cockburn)
    7. Seeds on the Wind (Cockburn/Martynec)
    8. It Won't Be Long (Cockburn)
    9. Christmas Song (Cockburn)


    Bruce Cockburn: Guitar, Composer, Vocals
    Gene Martynec: Synthesizer, Guitar
    Jack Zaza: Clarinet

    Production Credits:

    Euguene Martynec: Producer
    Bill Seddon: Engineer
    Bruce Anthony: Producer
    Lyle Wachovsky: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words