Guy Clark - Old #1
    1. Rita Ballou (Clark) - 2:49
    2. L.A. Freeway - 4:43
    3. She Ain't Going Nowhere (Clark) - 3:27
    4. Nickel for the Fiddler (Clark) - 2:45
    5. That Old Time Feeling (Clark) - 4:10
    6. Texas, 1947 (Clark) - 3:10
    7. Desperados Waiting for the Train (Clark) - 4:31
    8. Like a Coat from the Cold (Clark) - 3:18
    9. Instant Coffee Blues (Clark) - 3:15
    10. Let Him Roll (Clark) - 4:05


    Guy Clark: Guitar, Vocals
    Rodney Crowell: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Johnny Gimble: Fiddle, Violin
    Emmylou Harris: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Steve Earle: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    David Briggs: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
    Dick Feller: Guitar
    Steve Gibson: Guitar
    Sammi Smith: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Mickey Raphael: Harmonica
    Lea Jane Berinati: Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Jerry Carrigan: Drums
    Pat Carter: Guitar, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Chip Young: Guitar
    Charles Cochran: Piano
    Chuck Cochran: Piano
    Jim Colvard: Guitar
    Shane Keister: Piano
    Jack Hicks: Dobro
    Jerry Kroon: Drums
    Mike Leech: Bass
    Larry Londin: Drums
    Harold Rugg: Dobro, Guitar (Steel)
    Florence Warner: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Gary White: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Tommy Williams: Violin
    Reggie Young: Guitar
    Hal Rugg: Dobro, Guitar (Steel)

    Production Credits:

    Ray Butts: Engineer
    Al Pachucki: Engineer
    Tom Pick: Engineer
    Neil Wilburn: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words