Clannad - Sirius
    1. In Search of a Heart (Brennan) - 3:53
    2. Second Nature (Brennan) - 3:20
    3. Turning Tide (Brennan/Máire) - 4:39
    4. Skellig (Brennan) - 4:46
    5. Stepping Stone (Brennan) - 3:53
    6. White Fool (Brennan/Brennan/Brennan) - 4:38
    7. Something to Believe In (Brennan) - 4:46
    8. Live and Learn (Brennan) - 3:32
    9. Many Roads (Brennan/Brennan) - 3:25
    10. Sirius (Brennan/Souther) - 5:33


    Bruce Hornsby: Piano, Accordion, Vocals
    Steve Perry: Vocals
    Robbie Blunt: Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
    Maire Brennan: Harp, Vocals
    Ciaran Brennan: Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
    Paul Brennan: Flute, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
    Richie Cannata: Saxophone
    Wells Christy: Synclavier
    Mel Collins: Saxophone
    Philip Donnelly: Guitar (Electric)
    Noel Duggan: Guitar, Vocals
    Pat Duggan: Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
    Tom Keane: Uillean Pipes
    Russ Kunkel: Percussion, Drums, Keyboards
    Richard Niles: String Arrangements
    J.D. Souther: Vocals
    Peter John Vettese: Keyboards
    Kai Winding: Keyboards
    Walter Pho Mayr

    Production Credits:

    Matt Budd: Assistant Engineer
    Paul Cobbold: Engineer
    Russ Kunkel: Producer
    Greg Ladanyi: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Paul Ridout: Mastering
    Doug Sax: Mastering
    Duane Seykora: Assistant Engineer
    Paul Thomas: Assistant Engineer
    Ron Lewter: Mastering
    Shep Longsdale: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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