Larry Carlton - Discovery
    1. Hello Tomorrow (Carlton) - 5:22
    2. Those Eyes (Carlton) - 4:17
    3. Knock on Wood (Cropper/Floyd) - 6:21
    4. Discovery (Carlton) - 5:22
    5. My Home Away from Home (Carlton) - 4:53
    6. March of the Jazz Angels (Carlton) - 5:14
    7. Minute by Minute (Abrams/McDonald) - 4:58
    8. Place for Skipper (Carlton) - 4:45
    9. Her Favorite Song (Carlton) - 1:55


    Michael McDonald: Keyboards
    Larry Carlton: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Arranger, Composer, Vocals
    Michele Pillar: Vocals
    Michael Fisher: Percussion
    David Garfield: Synthesizer, Programming
    Gary Grant: Trumpet, Horn
    Jerry Hey: Trumpet, Arranger, Horn
    Marc Hugenberger: Synthesizer
    Rick Marotta: Drums
    David Pack: Vocals
    John Pena: Bass
    Terry Trotter: Keyboards
    Kirk Whalum: Saxophone
    Larry Williams: Saxophone, Woodwind
    Diego Schaff: Synthesizer

    Production Credits:

    Larry Carlton: Producer
    Bernie Grundman: Mastering
    Tim White: Photography
    Kathleen Covert: Art Direction

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words