Keith Carradine - I'm Easy
    1. I Will Never Forget Your Face (Carradine)
    2. It's Been So Long (Carradine)
    3. Raining in the City (Carradine)
    4. I'll Be There (Davis/Gordy/Hutch/West)
    5. Spellbound (Carradine)
    6. Honey Won't You Let Me Be Your Friend (Carradine)
    7. High Sierra (Carradine)
    8. Been Gone So Long (Carradine)
    9. I'm Easy (Carradine)
    10. Soul Is Strong (Carradine)


    Keith Carradine: Guitar, Vocals
    Ted Neeley: Vocals
    Albert Aarons: Trumpet
    Mike Barone: Trombone
    Ben Bennay: Guitar
    Dennis Budimir: Guitar
    Carol Carmichael Parks: Vocals
    Dave Grusin: Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards
    David Luell: Saxophone
    Harvey Mason, Sr.: Drums
    Earl Palmer: Drums
    Dean Parks: Guitar
    Reinie Press: Guitar (Bass)
    Lee Ritenour: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Sempronio1: Product
    Sempronio2: Instrument

    Marco Giunco
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