Jackson Browne - For Everyman
    1. Take It Easy (Browne/Frey) - 3:39
    2. Our Lady of the Well (Browne) - 3:51
    3. Colors of the Sun (Browne) - 4:26
    4. I Thought I Was a Child (Browne) - 3:43
    5. These Days (Browne) - 4:41
    6. Redneck Friend (Browne) - 3:56
    7. Times You've Come (Browne) - 3:39
    8. Ready or Not (Browne) - 3:33
    9. Sing My Songs to Me (Browne) - 3:25
    10. For Everyman (Browne) - 6:20


    Jackson Browne: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals
    Don Henley: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    David Lindley: Guitar (Acoustic), Fiddle, Guitar, Violin, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Slide Guitar, Electric Fiddle
    Joni Mitchell: Piano, Piano (Electric)
    Bonnie Raitt: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Jim Keltner: Drums
    Sneaky Pete Kleinow: Pedal Steel Guitar
    David Crosby: Harmony Vocals, Harmony
    Craig Doerge: Piano
    Wilton Felder: Bass
    Glenn Frey: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    John Haeny: Engineer
    Doug Haywood: Bass, Vocals, Harmony Vocals
    Russell Kunkel: Drums
    Russ Kunkel: Drums
    Gary Malaber: Drums
    Mickey McGee: Drums
    Spooner Oldham: Organ
    David Paich: Piano
    Bill Payne: Piano, Keyboards
    Rockaday Johnnie: Piano
    Lee Sklar: Bass
    Mike Utley: Organ, Keyboards
    Gary Mallaber: Drums
    Micky McGee: Drums
    Michael Utley: Organ
    Leland Sklar: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Jackson Browne: Producer
    Greg Ladanyi: Mastering
    Kent Nebergall: Assistant Engineer
    Al Schmitt: Engineer, Mixing

    Marco Giunco
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