Luka Bloom - Luka Bloom

This album was recorded in Dublin at S.T.S. Studio for an independent label, Mystery Records. It ran into legal difficulties almost immediately and was withdrawn. Three of the song, Gone to Pablo, Delirious and Over the Moon appear in different versions on the next album, however. Rodrigo is Home tells the story of 19 year old Rodrigo Rojas, burned alive on the streets of Santiago by members of the Chilean armed forces under General Pinochet. The Way You Talk to Me was inspired by the play 'Children of a Lesser God' by Mark Medoff. Te Adoro is regularly performed live though it hasn't been re-recorded.
(From 'Luka Bloom Page')

    1. Wild Life
    2. Parisienne
    3. Gone to Pablo
    4. Second Skin
    5. Rodrigo is Home
    6. Te Adoro
    7. It's A Passion
    8. Little Boy
    9. The Way You Talk to Me
    10. Delirious
    11. Over the Moon
    12. Riding Waves



    Luka Bloom: Guitar and vocals
    Paul McAteer: Drums
    John Walshe: Bass
    Garvan Gallagher (Mary Black Band): Bass Double Bass
    Noel Bridgeman: Percussion Accordion
    Paul Barrett: Keyboards
    Trevor Knight: Keyboards and Accordian
    Conor Barry: Guitar
    Ian Smith (courtesy of The Real Wild West): Trumpet
    Percy Robinson: Pedal Steel Guitar
    David Agnew: Cor Anglais (kind permission of RTE Authority)
    Leo Barnes: Saxophone (courtesy of London Records)

    Production Credits:

    Garvan Gallagher: Producer
    Luka Bloom: Co-Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words