BIG STAR - Radio City

    1. O My Soul (Chilton)
    2. Life Is White (Chilton/Hummel)
    3. Way out West (Hummel)
    4. What's Goin' Ahn (Chilton/Hummel)
    5. You Get What You Deserve (Chilton)
    6. Mod Lang (Chilton/Rosebrough)
    7. Back of a Car (Chilton/Hummel)
    8. Daisy Glaze (Chilton/Hummel/Stephens)
    9. She's a Mover (Chilton)
    10. September Gurls (Chilton)
    11. Morpha Too (Chilton)
    12. I'm in Love with a Girl (Chilton)


    Alex Chilton: guitar, vocal
    Andy Hummel: bass
    Jody Stephens: drums, vocal

    Production Credits:

    Big Star: Producer
    John Fry: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words