BIG STAR - #1 Record

    1. Feel (Bell/Chilton)
    2. Ballad of el Goodo (Bell/Chilton)
    3. In the Street (Bell/Chilton)
    4. Thriteen (Bell/Chilton)
    5. Don't Lie to Me (Bell/Chilton)
    6. India Song (Hummel)
    7. When My Baby's Beside Me (Bell/Chilton)
    8. My Life Is Right (Bell/Eubanks)
    9. Give Me Another Chance (Bell/Chilton)
    10. Try Again (Bell/Chilton)
    11. Watch the Sunrise (Bell/Chilton)
    12. St 100/6 (Bell/Chilton)


    Chris Bell: guitar, vocal
    Alex Chilton: guitar, vocal
    Andy Hummel: bass, vocal
    Jody Stephens: drums

    Production Credits:

    Big Star: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words