The Allman Brothers Band - Brothers and Sisters
    1. Wasted Words (Gregg Allman) -
    2. Ramblin' Man (Richard Betts)
    3. Come and Go Blues (Gregg Allman)
    4. Jelly, Jelly (Gregg Allman)
    5. Southbound (Richard Betts)
    6. Jessica (Richard Betts)
    7. Pony Boy (Richard Betts)


    Gregg Allman: Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals
    The Allman Brothers Band: Organ, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr), Producer
    Dickey Betts: Guitar, Vocals
    Les Dudek: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar
    Jaimoe: Conga, Drums
    Jaimoe Jai Johanny: Percussion
    Chuck Leavell: Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric), Vocals, Vocals (bckgr)
    Berry Oakley: Bass
    Tommy Talton: Guitar (Acoustic)
    Buddy Thornton: Engineer
    Butch Trucks: Percussion, Conga, Drums, Tympani [Timpani]
    Lamar Williams: Bass
    Richard Betts: Dobro, Guitar, Vocals, Slide Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Johnny Sandlin: Producer, Engineer
    Ovie Sparks: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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