Creedence Clearwater Revival
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Electric Bayou: Original Homepage Of CCR and John Fogerty

What I Have
1968 Creedence Clearwater Revival FANTASY RECORD ORC-4512 F-8382 1LP 000356
1969 Bayou Country FANTASY RECORD ORC-4513 F-8387 1LP 000357
1969 Green River FANTASY RECORD ORC-4514 F-8393 1LP 000358
1969 Willy And The Poor Boys FANTASY RECORD ORC-4515 F-8397 1LP 000359
1970 Cosmo'S Factory FANTASY RECORD ORC-4516 F-8402 1LP 000360
1972 Mardi Gras FANTASY RECORD ORC-4518 F-9404 1LP 000361

Other I don 't Have and I'm Looking for