David Blue
David Blue's songs are what you feel and not anybody else: a personal reaction to another personal reaction. He says he's a songwriter and not a musician but he is really a songmaker, you can feel the weight and shape of what happened, is happening, in a song. He left Rhode Island, his home, at 18, went to New York, met the Folk Scene: Dylan, Fred Neil…"Wanted to be a painter, to study art. Just started hitch-hiking around, getting high…floating… see what would happen 'cause I didn't feel really very ambitious." He didn't become ambitious but he did get the calling. "I didn't do anything before. I've been writing since I was 13, poems…Songs just started coming out about seven years ago, I was 23, I get off doing music, writing songs. Made my first album then to Warners (Reprise)-so I've been doing it semi-professionally for seven years." He continued to make albums, one for Elektra as David S. Cohen-"I felt that way at That time-" another for Reprise. A long time has gone by since then, he went looking and living, reached all the way down and around for experiences that gave him these songs, this album. He knows what's important in the world, found out by going there.

From: David Cohen Blue - Dirty Water - The Boston Rock & Roll Museum

What I Have
1966 David Blue ELEKTRA RECORDS EKS 74003 1LP 000091
1968 These 23 Days Of September REPRISE RECORDS RS 6296 1LP 000092
1971 Stories ASYLUM RECORDS SD 5052 1LP 000093
1973 Nice Baby & The Angel ASYLUM RECORDS SD 5066 1LP 000095
1975 Com'N Back For More ASYLUM RECORDS 7E 1043 1LP 000094

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