Ronney Abramson
Abramson was born in Paris, France but grew up in Montreal, Canada from the age of 2. Abramson studied classic guitar at McGill University's School of Music (the first guitar student ever). She spent her formative years as a folksinger/songwriter in the coffeehouses of Quebec and Ontario before recording her first album in 1971 with producer Andre Perry. Capitol records released the album in 1972 and aside from some additional work writing some soundtrack music for softcore porn movies for television, it did nothing in terms of improving her career.Instead she went back to the coffeehouses and would later play guitar in a band for John Mills-Cockell after relocating to Toronto. Cockell hooked her up with Bernie Finkelsteint True North Records which led to her second, more rock-oriented album, 'Stowaway', and her biggest single to date - "Your Love Gets Me Around". Album No.3, in 1978, was 'Jukebox Of Paris' featuring a duet with David Clayton-Thomas on the song "Trouble". It, alas, had mediocre and Abramson resigned herself to doing pre-production work for the likes of Bruce Cockburn and Murray McLauchlan. Over the years Abramson turned to children's music and recorded the highly successful 'Rugrat Rock' album and its sequel' The Rugrats Rock On' with Fred Mollin. 'Rugrat Rock' won a Juno award for 'Best Children's Album'. In recent years Abramson has gotten her Real Estate license and sells houses.

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1972 Ronney Abramson CAPITOL (EMI) SKAO 6378 1LP 000001
1977 Stowaway TRUE NORTH TN 27 1LP 000002
1978 Jukebox Of Paris TRUE NORTH TN 34 1LP 000003

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