Just the same old sad song  - Marco Giunco

    So Iím alone and bore
    and iím writing this sad song
    Iím just singing for you
    and youíre going away

    1) And love is like a chain
    giving me some other troubles
    when i think at you
    and youíre are not here

    So Iím sad and in love
    and the moon eyes look at me
    Iíd give you all my life
    but would you take it?

    Rip 1)

    And if I were a bird
    I fly where the mountains
    are so high to cover
    all your life
    and you give me a kiss
    to forget the sad images of this night

    Roseto degli Abruzzi, 1984  © Marco Giunco 2000


    Marco Giunco
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