The Man Who Built Carnegie Hall - Elmer Hawkes

    He was a man who never danced he never sang
    He never played on a stage when the crowd gave a roar
    But he sat all alone as he laid out his plans
    With sketches all over the floor
    And he envisioned the stage as he measured each line.
    And he could hear how the echoes would fall
    He was a man who took all of his greatest ideas
    And put 'em into Carnegie Hall

    He was a man who never wrote down a chord or a note
    He never played on a flute or a horn
    But he'd worked through the night 'neath the glare of a light
    As the balcony slowly took form
    And he designed every door, every ceiling and floor
    And he could see every last curtain call
    He was the man who took all the hope in his heart
    And he put it into Carnegie Hall

    He framed his ideas as a painter would frame
    A painting suspended in time
    He'd laid out dimensions in phase after phase
    As a poet would layout a rhyme

    He was a man who never danced he never sang
    He'd never spoken a line in a movie or show
    But he could hear every pause and every round of applause
    As his imagination let go
    And he put all his dreams into girders and beams
    And spotlights that hung on a wall
    He was a man who had a gift and it came to be known
    As a building called Carnegie Hall

    © 1981 Elmer Hawkes


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words