Down in Barbados - Rob Strachan

    Somebody pull the plug out
    On this cold and wintry sky
    Ken is trying to get back to the island
    Where his heart and his home still lie
    Down in Barbados

    Big Ken he tell the stories
    How he lived the life of case
    He's just cultivating the memories
    Of his life in the Caribbean
    Down in Barbados

    Somebody told a lie once
    And he believed it
    Somebody crossed a line once
    Chasing some fools' gold
    Someone's lost their lifeline
    Someone's lost at sea
    It's all lost time
    When the heart's not where
    It should be

    In his spare time Ken is a poet
    Though he does not finish much
    He knows he needs a change of scene
    Or he'll surely lose his touch
    Down in Barbados

    Ken left a women behind there
    She looked straight into his soul
    She knew what made him laugh and cry
    Now she's just there growing old
    Down in Barbados

    © 1983 by Rob Strachan


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words