Sister Real - Elliott Murphy, Ernie Brooks

    Paperback novels remind me of you
    The girl on the cover - a literary deja vu
    Down by the seashore I shoulda listened to Lou
    'Bout you and your captain - your captain and his crew
    You know you hurt me - more than you know
    You can desert me - but I'll never go
    'Cause I'm always dreaming of Bethlehem snow
    Of animals waiting - down in New Mexico
    For Sister Real - Sister Real

    The men of the old world meet the women of the new
    armed with apologies - they retreat to the zoo
    But that was on TV - so that means it's true
    Bookstores were empty - libraries too
    Took my education - took it down to the bank
    Expecting revelations - all I got was thanks
    'Cause I'm always dreaming - of New York sky
    Of big jets waiting - of my turn to fly
    To Sister Real - Sister Real

    You an your hero - he and his wife
    enthralled in the promise of a sisterly life
    Up on the mountain - a vision came to me
    Of a golden Goddess - on a beach in Waikiki
    You know you love me - more than you know
    More than you feel it - more than you show
    'Cause I'm always dreaming - your legs in the air
    Circles of passion - designs in the hair
    Of Sister Real - Sister Real

    Words and Music by Elliott Murphy & Ernie Brooks

    © 1983 ELJAMUR MUSIC


    Marco Giunco
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