Geza's Wailing Ways - John Gorka

    He's a local yoyo who roams this part of town
    Runnin' numbers for the old folks, he's had his ups and downs
    Freakin' by in his two-tones, a little too much ozone
    He's a cartoon boy in an aging, dreamless world.

    He breaks into a solo that cuts through the traffic's din
    And everyone who knows him knows its Geza checkin' in
    Strangers turn in wonder, start to laugh but hold it under
    As they get a load of Geza's wailing ways.

    I shouldn't laugh but I do, I do
    The sounds are for himself and not for you
    If you were to listen well I don't think he'd mind
    As he clicks, whoops, and hollers away the time.

    Geza lives at home now, though his hair has gone away
    Evenings sweeps the newsstand near the business of the day
    Hollers only when he's walking when he stops he starts talking
    To those who know of Geza's wailing ways.

    [Repeat Chorus and First Verse]

    © 1983 by John Gorka


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words