Woman of the Road - Jack Hardy

    Any port in a storm
    you've heard it before
    from those whose lives are storm
    the eye of the storm
    to keep the heart warm
    the hurricane shield and the torch
    all the waves come crashing through the door
    electric heat upon the veins
    all the clothes go tumbling to the floor
    when will I see you again

    Ball and chain
    you've heard it before
    they're planning to leave
    they already left
    they can't live without you or with
    all they say is old and stale
    these are not honorable men
    yet you light the candle the same
    when will I see you again

    old and gray
    you've heard it before
    when as a child you played roles but all of the men
    were boring "good friends"
    and all of their love was so cold
    please don't stay, please don't go
    I am the woman of the road
    night and day are much the same
    when your eyes have closed
    when will I see you again

    © 1982 John S. Hardy Music Co. ASCAP


    Marco Giunco
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