Rock Breaks Scissors - Tom McGhee

    Sounds of the street are coming in through the window
    While she is ironing she's watching TV
    Calling the answers out to questions on game shows
    Dreaming of places that she'll never see.

    And its rock breaks scissors, paper covers rock
    All of the children playing down on the block
    They know you ain't got nothing if you don't have a dime
    And its rock breaks scissors every time.

    Well things were different when she was younger
    Riding to Coney to have a good time
    Of all the boys she knew well, he was the one
    Who shared his dreams and put his heart on the line.

    [Repeat Refrain]

    When he was working the future looked bright
    And there was cash in their pockets and love in the night
    He started drinking when the first one was born
    And there were four more coming, it didn't take long.

    [Repeat Refrain]

    He lost his job on a summer's day
    He took their savings and he pissed them away
    Silence between them and the kids were wide-eyed
    She threw him out when she got tired of the ride.

    [Repeat Refrain]

    © 1983 by Tom McGhee


    Marco Giunco
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