Open All Night - Brian Rose

    Smoke blue breath in the window
    harsh light and watery eyes
    burnt out butt out and out of sight
    the deal goes down at moonrise

    newspaper blows down this tunnel of love
    tumbleweed in the city light
    pissing neon in the pouring rain
    open all night

    skin green splitting in the back room
    still praying to god.above
    dim names left back in the diner
    all for a thimbleful of love

    there's news of a murder up at fourteenth and
    the waitress shivers with fright
    as two cops tell a fish story
    open all night

    she wipes the counter
    and she sweeps the floor
    she makes the coffee
    and she asks you do you want some more

    she looks in the eyes of a desperate man
    she can't say much but she can understand
    another aimless loner
    another brittle voice
    another ghostly goner
    head in his hands
    open all night

    outside the street is a mine field
    to the ex-soldier with the tatooed arm
    cigarette stuck on his lower lip
    thinks of his mom back on the farm

    thick thighs snicker behind him
    she says boy you don't have to fight
    come on home with me baby
    I'm open all night

    by Brian Rose 1982

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words