Land of Canaan - Amy Ray
You can go to the east to find your inner hemisphere.

you say we're under the same sky; don't you realize,
it's not that clear? i'm not your promised land, i'm not
your promised one, i'm not the land of canaan,
sweetheart, waiting for you under the sun.

i'm lonely tonight, i'm missing you now, i'm
wanting your love, you're giving it out, i'm
lonely tonight…

Well, the meaning's changed, for what it's worth, it's
just a senseless game. well i should think love, but
it's fear, every time i hear your heartbeat strain. it's
not the fallen man, it's not the call of time, it's just the
london skyline, sweetheart, telling me you're not mine.

Repeat chorus

my blood is running dry, my skin is, my skin is grow-
ing thin, for every time you find yourself, you loose a
little of me from within, it's just a raging cycle, why
don't you bring it to the end of the line? from inside
this existence, sweetheart, time is not on my side.
 Repeat chorus


Marco Giunco
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