Walk Away - Amy Ray
We used to walk in each other arm, "one on one,"

that's what you said. now the moon is a sliver in our
eye, we stumble bleeding on this broken glass.

There's too much repetition, you know you're
past the point of sane. all this broken glass
you left behind, won't let you make a clean,
clean walk away.

Now we're crossing from the sacred ground, where we
once held each other, each other's names. when the
words are sparse, we feel we're so profound, but babe
you know all i feel, i feel so ashamed.

Repeat chorus

There was a time when we gave everything, and it was
true, true enough to bleed. but now you feel that
you've got nothing left. if there's nothing to lose, then
there's nothing to gain. walk away.

Repeat chorus

You know i'd still hold you, if i could, it's hard not to
try and change try to change your mind. i'm a pillar of
salt, i want you to understand. this is the last time,
the last time i ever look behind. walk away.

Repeat chorus


Marco Giunco
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