Crazy Game - Emily Saliers
    Crazy game, i never should have started to play, but

    now you couldn't tear me away cause love is sweet,
    sweet baby. so good to you and so bad and i fear, the
    situation's clear before my eyes. confusion wants to
    break me and it tries but i've been a little bit stronger
    from the start listen to my heart:

    'Cause if you're ever believing i'm thinking of
    leaving look to the moon, cause it's a fact she
    may go wandering about but she always comes
    shining back and it's true, i'll wait for you.

    You dry your tears, don't be thinking grey is here to
    stay. sometimes everything is in the way you're wanting
    to look at it, turn your view around, dry your eyes. eyes
    like yours should carry a smile, i haven't seen them
    sparkle in a while, give it one more try, dry your eyes.

    Repeat chorus


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words