Strange Fire - Amy Ray
    I come to you with strange fire, i make an offering of

    love, the incense of my soil is burned by the fire in my
    blood. i come with a softer answer to the questions
    that lie in your path. i want to harbor you from the
    anger, find a refuge from the wrath.

    this is a message of love. love that moves from
    the inside out, love that never grows tired. i
    come to you with strange fire.

    mercenaries of the shrine, who are you to speak for god?
    with haughty eyes and lying tongues and hands
    that shed innocent blood. who delivered you the
    power to interpret calvary? you gamble away our
    freedom to gain your own authority.

    find another state of mind. grab hold. strange fire
    burns with the motion of love.

    when you learn to love yourself, you will dissolve all
    the stones that are cast, you will learn to burn the
    icing sky and to melt the waxen mask. yes, to have the
    gift of true release, this is a peace that will take you
    higher. i come to you with my offering., i bring you
    strange fire.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words