Gold Dust - Sandy Denny
    If your eyes are blue you know the rest

    Champagne if it's very cool
    It's never very formal how you dress
    For oysters by the swimming pool
    Then slip away into the mountainside
    Like the man in the Lazy E'
    It's nice to have a place where you can hide
    For why you must amazes me

         Where are you?
         Sold on gold dust

    I shuttled all around America
    From New York to Los Angeles
    Nervous breakdown later, there we were
    From Liberty to redwood trees
    A friend of mine, she hitched from east to west
    In time to hear my final song
    It seems to me she tried her very best
    She is a good companion


    He stores away the moments of her smiles
    As if they were rare butterflies
    Stalks his prey for miles and miles and miles
    And barters for the merchandise
    As time it drags the likes of me around
    Just when we need some time alone
    You have a private mansion underground
    Without address or telephone


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words