Stars Over the Praire - Paul Metsa

    Back in the days when I was a buckshot in short pants
    Spinning bottles with Tiger jack
    I remember Grandpa's European prayers in the bunkhouse
    To this day I use those prayers to try and bring him back

    Hand in hand with my brother and sisters
    Chinese jumprope heart to heart
    They ain't hiding but they're just out of earshot
    Hope to the heavens their worlds don't fall apart

    [chorus] I wish I could see stars over the prairie
    Stars over the prairie tonight
    I wish I coud see stars over the prairie
    Stars over the prairie tonight

    Under the gazebo where I stole my first kisses
    In the fallen angel Cadillac with chrome
    Where me and my buddies like a good gypsy army
    Fighting each others' causes like they were our own

    In the greased gravel alleys where
    I ducked sucker-punches in the shadow of myoid man
    Before I blacked out I wonder how Duke would've done it
    Before I found out I split off with the band

    (repeat chorus)

    There was a Tokyo rose and a Florida songbird
    Loved them both but could not pick between
    They left on the downbeat found true love on the flip-flop
    And all I've got is old love letters and magazines

    So I sit in this city and look out my window
    Where the neon moons shine when day is done
    And I see all the people let it slip through their fingers
    You can be with them but they can't be with anyone

    (repeat chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words