Fire of Jerusalem - Paul Metsa

    I got a message from Missletown
    Want me to shake my sister down
    Blackjack order ain't lilywhite
    Let some other rounder take that midnight ride
    Oh, its face it has got five sides

    Wagon rolls into Death Valley red
    Wagonmaster ain't got no halo head
    He whips you with his lariat
    Take his gun but do not carry it
    Break the wheels on his chariot

    When the war is in the east, go west young man, go west
    Shooting sleeping children will not put medals on your chest
    And the fires of jerusalem why must anyone be used to them
    When no one's left, well who you gonna pardon
    There's blood on the roses in victory garden

    I got a telegram from Tokyo
    Spitfire orange wind still does blow
    No trees on certain prairies stand
    And from the ditch is raised a mystery hand
    Bleeding fingers full of sand

    I heard the rumble from the underground
    On Mother's day when we laid Daddy down The wind was still but all I heard
    Were the pipes and guns and the drums of Gettysburg
    I heard the pipes and guns and the drums of Gettysburg


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words