Abellezah - Paul Metsa

    You dream tonight in Chinese sleep
    Hope lucky stars last long
    Bless your babes with Titanic luck
    Your love's made in Hong Kong
    Whistling walls it's the rabbit punch
    Did it on a double-dare
    Your matchbook heart beats like bongos loud
    Cowboy Copas in Times Square

    Abellezah, crowd pleaser
    Do you know what league you're in
    Abellezah on your knees
    To the beat less comedian

    Benedict Arnold's arrow smokes
    With totem pole ptide
    Crapshoot corporal is on the take
    I heard you kissed his ride
    If you're the man who would be king
    Can't eighty-six that scene
    Shave the dice for the archdiocese
    God save the friction queen

    (repeat chorus)

    Mona Lisa on her trapeze
    You sweat the petty cash
    She makes a candlestick getaway
    You paint on your mustache
    Double-digit sheet charade
    It ain't no eagle flight
    I saw your midgets on parade
    Paper pigeon kites

    (repeat chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words