Paper Tigers - Paul Metsa

    Justice is done when poor sheriff gets his fee
    Pay the fiddler doubletime only prisoners sing for free
    Dead dreams swing on show-biz black sharkskin
    Head up down street G-men sell you poison gin

    It's only paper tigers
    It's only paper tigers
    It's only paper tigers

    Hawked the wigwam shaker spirit midnight coal
    Electric Jesus got hit neon stripped and kicked parole
    Basket man burns papoose full of perfumed owls
    Sawed-off shephard left the black sheep out to howl

    (repeat chorus)

    Blood monkeys shiver, straight-jacket overcoat
    Invisible army is peeking through the holes
    Candy cane kisses lost on losing lips
    Double-crosses for the misses single file while the honey drips

    (repeat chorus)

    Pretty pennies can't buy back lost time sight unseen
    Wolverines surround the wagons uptown cowgirls dream
    Dynamite the doorbell let someone paint all the windows black
    Sneak out the alley bag lady autographs the gunny sack

    (repeat chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words