Electric High Heels - Paul Metsa

    There's lights in the windows I can tell you nobody's home
    Cats in the doghouse groovin' on the black cat bone
    Dogs in the alley hit tin' on the alley cat
    My chick is missin' cause she's groovin' on the monkey chant

    That gal is trouble she ain't no funky chambermaid
    Sometimes my lover the other time a razorblade
    She liked the katy cause the katy it went clicketty-clak
    She bought a ticket but now she wants her money back

    And she's got me wearin'
    Mexican handcuffs while she's doing cartwheels
    She ain't lazy she don 't wear no lipstick just electric high heels

    Whiskey and headlights, we're on both sides of the road
    One hand on my baby the other on the radio
    She says she loves me then she says she loves me not
    She pulls the petal and then she lets the daisy drop

    (repeat chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words