Virginia - Paul Metsa

    They burned down all the trees on 5th Avenue
    Shot out the five-balllight
    No buddies on the beat going two by two
    Nighthawk's not running in the night

    Black trestle's broke but
    the train tracks still go downtown
    Plugged nickel accordion band
    Kissing boys kissing girls on the hooteroll
    jack Rabbit kicked the can

    Virginia Virginia, don't even know my name
    Virginia Virginia, nothing changes
    But you don't feel the same

    Tin foil teardrops ropes for the meter man
    Pool hall police play mumbly peg
    Horseshoe hopes on loan from the bleeding hand
    Four scores later just like Lincoln said

    Boris the gyppo tells me Russian fairy tales
    In a Blackwoods sky no satellite
    A firepriest keeps the photos beneath the Chippendale
    Sometimes even he looks back in black and white

    (repeat chorus)

    Gabriel's trumpet Johnny's saxophone
    Southside pinball mercy plea
    Under the pines my sweetie said "Let's pretend it's Paris"
    dropped me right down to my knees

    Old dogs lie behind broken doorways
    Mandolin bones and candlelight
    Last chance wind blows cold sometimes from four ways
    No one's gonna sing you to sleep at night
    No one's gonna sing you to sleep at night

    (repeat chorus)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words