Wild Like A Sonny Boy - Greg Brown

    He's wild like a Sonny Boy, That one eye looks at you
    He wild like a Sonny Boy, Other's on Voodoo

    He's wild like a bad dog, Gotta howl once more
    He'll dog it all night, and then scratch scratch at your door

    He blows in when he wants something, Then he's gone without a trace
    You get some Jim Beam in him, watch out, he'll hit you in the face

    Rigor mortis, Pandemonium, it depends upon the night
    'cause he's wild like a Sonny Boy, hmmm yeah well not quite

    I heard he holed up somewhere, then I seen him downtown
    I'm usually glad to see him, if I see him around,
    'cause he's wild like a Sonny Boy.


    Copyright © 1997 Hacklebarney Music


    Marco Giunco
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