Hurt So Nice - Greg Brown

    It hurts so nice I told you once I told you twice, You slapped my face and
    threw the rice, The storm was wild but you went out and ain't back yet, I
    bet you're wet and now it's late and life's a great big surprise.  It hurts
    so nice.

    It hurts so good I knew it could, Too many nights love was polite not hard
    or deep, Put me to sleep, I dreamed of you all painted blue and doing this
    and it came true, You are so crude.  It hurts so good.

    It hurts so much, your muscle touch my this and that your such and such,
    Help me up off the floor, No, Push me down once more, It feels so good you
    leave me limp, Don't get married to that wimp.  It hurts so much.

    Life is brief but not too short I miss the way you scream and snort, The
    other girls are too soft, They want romance in a loft, You and me we're
    from the woods and we make it hurt so good, Come back baby, We suffice, I'm
    your boy.  It hurts so nice.

    Copyright © 1997 Hacklebarney Music


    Marco Giunco
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