Dusty Woods - Greg Brown

    (a vision of Robert Johnson)

    He's riding in the back of a wagon and his city choes are dragging
    and the sweat is pouring down his back
    One eye west and one eye south
    Two words fall out his mouth
    He jumps down, waves, walks across the railroad track

    He's in some dusty woods outside of town

    Got a piece of paper folded in four, a stub pencil from the hardware store,
    and a guitar that looks like it's been used
    The birds shut down their song
    He can't stay too long
    There's something up ahead he's just got to do

    He licks the pencil, looks around, writes a few words down,
    and pulls a moan from his guitar
    A hound dog answers low and he stands up real slow
    He's got a ways to go, he don't know how far

    He's in some dusty woods outside of town.


    Copyright © 1997 Hacklebarney Music


    Marco Giunco
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