Mose Allison Played Here - Greg Brown

    The joint is a dump
    the owner is broke
    at least that's what he said 
    the p.a.'s a joke
    the waitpersons are snotty, the bartender's rude
    they want to make sure I know they forgot me
    but not their attitude
    the bellyachers played last night
    everybody got sick
    don't even try dancing, your feet would just stick
    the band signs their poster
    "fuck u miguel"
    and that's all the good part
    the bad part's the smell
    and what was your name again, oh - yeah - right - brown
    your crowd just drinks water
    surprised you're still around

    and nobody's coming, because hey man you see
    advertising's expensive, hey, what guarantee

    but as I set up I am proud to be here
    because once last November, Mose Allison played here.


    Copyright © 1997 Hacklebarney Music


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words