Say Yes - Peter Stone Brown

    You could drive away the death letter
    That's fallen at my door
    Autumn nights are filled with shadows
    I can't face them anymore
    There's a pressure that I just can't hide
    It's chokin' all the tears
    I've walked this street too many times
    What's left for me here?

    Say yes, open up the sky
    Say yes, don't ask why
    Say yes, let me be in love tonight

    We both came from the outside
    And found ourselves alone
    Madness chased us down the path
    To the edge of the unknown
    With a common dream that's past the grasp
    0f the daily working dead
    Don't think of friends or strangers
    0r what somebody else said

    So many times I stopped myself
    I don't know why I should
    I was fooled by superstition
    And the lies that do no good
    You could walk away forever
    At the dawn of winter's chill
    You could stay, we'll open up our hearts
    Till the secret fears are still

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words