Rockabilly Guy - Peter Stone Brown

    The band on the stand were doin' all right
    Everybody was dancin', it was Friday night
    He walked in the bar, everybody dropped their jaw
    He had the best haircut they ever saw
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    It was short on the sides and short in the back
    Shined in the dark, the color was black
    With a pompadour up to the sky
    And a wave that would make a surfer cry
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    He had a pack of Luckys rolled in his sleeve
    And a belt buckle from '53,
    Shiny black boots and a Gretsch guitar
    All eyes were on him, he stepped to the bar
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    He drank a bottle of mescal and ate the worm
    The lead guitarist started to squirm
    The singer he began to choke
    Told the punchline, left out the joke
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    His lip was in a permanent curl
    He was eyein' every girl
    He started to dance and his hair didn't move
    0n his arm he had an Elvis tattoo
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    The guys in the band were wonderin' why
    They couldn't outdo this rockabilly guy
    Then he found a girl and began to romance her
    And they drove away in his Nissan Stanza
    New rockabilly guy's in town

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
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