Walkin' in My Sleep - Peter Stone Brown

    I can see the change in your eyes
    The way you look at me now
    Been fooling each other with alibis
    We kept disguised somehow
    Each time I leave you
    I get the feeling that you want me to stay
    Are you scared to say it out loud
    Am I scared I'll drive you away

    If you risk it with me I'll risk it with you
    Am I walkin' in my sleep, do dreams come true
    I'm mystified and I'm so surprised, didn't have a clue
    No I, never thought it would be you

    Last night I couldn't sleep
    Couldn't drive you from my mind
    Known you so well such a long time<
    Could I have been so blind
    Wanted to say I'd be there for you
    Wanted to hold you in my arms
    And forget about the rest of the world And the things that could do us harm

    I don't wanna break your heart
    And I know you don't wanna break mine
    But I can't be playing games
    I haven't got the time
    I could love you as good as anyone
    And I won't let you down
    But we've got to grab it now
    Later on, I won't be around

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words