You're not There - Peter Stone Brown

    Thought you'd be the one to save me
    Don't you see I'm hangin' in the air?
    I've forgotten nothin' that you gave me
    But when I look, you're not there

    I am caught between two worlds
    Neither one feels like home
    Haven't felt home in a long time
    Except the few times we're alone

    Must I prove how much I need you?
    Must I prolong this despair?
    Too many people I can see through
    But when I look, you're not there

    I'm no stranger to strange places
    Know all the creatures of the night
    I could drift off in this sea of faces
    And lose the dreams that are in sight

    I hear the music I can't listen to
    I see the eyes that only stare
    I see the faces I can't speak to
    But when I look, you're not there

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words