You don't Have to close the Door - Peter Stone Brown

    Didn't know I made you mad till the look changed in your eye
    Didn't know the thoughts you had would make me wanna lay down and die
    Didn't know I could feel so sad that all I could do was cry
    Didn't know good from bad till I heard you say goodbye

    I'd take the train but the train don't leave here anymore
    I'd walk out in the rain but I can't get up off the floor
    Never felt this much pain don't wanna feel it anymore
    Gotta tell you again you don't have to close the door

    Didn't know I couldn't stop falling in love with you
    I was on the mountain top, all I saw was the view
    Then the clouds came in, the sky got dark, there was thunder there was rain
    I can't find the sun this mornin' I'll have to start that climb again

    Now I, I've got a reason tonight for stayin' away and keepin' out of sight
    You know why I hide but I'll try to make things right once again

    Didn't know I took the chance till I was out of the game
    Didn't know a sudden glance would bring bitterness and shame
    Didn't know I lost out, I was sure nobody won
    Didn't know it was over, didn't think I'd begun

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words