Matter of the Heart - Peter Stone Brown

    Don't know what you think anymore
    Don't know what you're gonna say
    We exploded in the glare of the full moon
    At the end of the longest day
    I've lived the longest night since then
    In the worst kind of pain
    But I'm a fool for your smile even once in a while
    I'd do it all again

    We were in a bind
    We knew it from the start
    You might think it's a matter of the mind
    But I know it's a matter of the heart

    Don't know what you feel anymore
    Don't know what you're gonna do
    I'm the one who's knockin' at your door
    If the person inside is you
    I was shattered in the haze of a dead summer's daze
    I didn't wanna see the sun
    There were no answers to calm my fears
    There was no place to run

    I know we had somethin' that filled up this space
    That now is forlorn and empty
    What sent you runnin' to some other place
    Guarding words that only could've meant me

    Don't know who you are anymore
    Don't know where you're gonna be
    I never promised more than I delivered
    Never was anyone but me
    Now I'm sifting through these blues
    These few scattered clues that you left behind
    I hope one day you realize
    What we didn't try to find

    copyright Peter Stone Brown (Lawn Writer Music, ASCAP)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words