You'll Never Know - Jimmy LaFave
    Standing in your own corner of the little universe

    Forever calculating every moment what your life is worth
    Step into the mystery
    Seek you may behold
    But there are things you'll never know

    Because everything changes, you know nothing ever stays the same
    If you put a plan in motion, be prepared to re-arrange
    All the laws of nature
    Are beyond our control
    And there are things you'll never know

    So come on baby
    Take it easy
    Don't take your life so seriously
    don't be afraid to just let go
    You've got to get up and dance

    Don't waste time searching for the right words to say
    By the time they come to you honey, it don't matter anyway
    It's a grand illusion
    Reality unfolds
    And there are things you'll never know

    You'll never know
    It's a mystery
    Open your eyes and let it all be


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words