Household Dreams - Louise Taylor

    This tall wall's
    starting to crack
    the missing peace
    you can't put back
    This little house is
    starting to crumble
    coming apart at what it seems
    when the ceiling hits the floor
    hold on to your household dreams

    All those silent screams
    they taste of lightning
    and they burn and they plunder
    Leaves you standing in your jeans
    filled with your sorrow
    emptying your wonder
    with your hands in your pockets
    fingering your keys
    hold on hold on little girl
    hold on to your household dreams

    I'll get the paper
    pour you some coffee
    move the furniture
    do the laundry
    things can be rearranged
    maybe even changed
    these hands can feel the boundaries
    holding on to my household dreams

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words